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Hard work is the most important key to success. Without being willing to work hard and put everything into a venture, business success is nearly impossible. Hard work outlasts talent and allows us to wake up to our dreams.

Donsbosco Masendeke, 2019 Youth Connekt Zimbabwe’s Masvingo winner, is one such hard-working man. Coming from humble beginnings, Donbosco is now the sole owner of Delitech Engineering, a company that provides automated electrical and mechanical services. Delitech specializes in diverse, automated fabrications and solar installations.

Masendeke discovered his talent in innovation at a very young age. While other children of his age played football outside, Donbosco marveled at how gadgets operated, and would tinker with whatever gadget he got his hands on. Due to financial constraints, he could not continue with his formal education and was forced to drop out at an early age. This predicament allowed him to make the decision to transform his curiosity into passion, which later proved to be a life-changing decision. Now, self-taught and fueled by his ambition to improve his life and that of others, he develops innovative products from scrap materials with his team from Delitech Engineering.


One of the many innovations Delitech develops is the automatic poultry feeder. The idea came about when Masendeke noticed how high the rate of human error, theft and transferring of diseases between animals and humans was. It reduced massively, the level of output and profit for poultry farmers. With the automated poultry feeder, one can leave their compound and not worry about tending to their livestock consistently. The feeder automatically fills up the food and water trays and  has a self-cleaning poop deck and self-operating door for traditional birds. Additionally, an alarm system can be synced to devices such as mobile phones that can easily alert the owner/caretaker should there be any mishaps or attempted theft.

This lucrative idea provided a breakthrough for Delitech and Donbosco when he presented and exhibited the Automated All-Purpose Poultry feeder at the 2019 Youth Connekt Zimbabwe Provincial competition. He won USD$5, 000 investment from UNDP (United Nations Development Program), plus one-year free membership at Impact Hub Harare providing his business with the connections and start-up capital needed to excel. 

The journey has not been an easy one for Donbosco. The biggest challenges he has faced include a lack of funding and capacity to scale. It took him, his wife and other family members seven years to gather scrap material, parts and processes to develop the Automated All-purpose Poultry Feeder! Currently, Delitech Engineering encounters marketing and business development challenges as most of the team members are technical. They are seeking business management partnerships and assistance. 

 With the sales from the poultry feeders alone,  Delitech has been able to raise revenue of 700USD within nine months. Their aim is to be able to scale up production of the poultry feeder. Having been able to acquire some prominent clients such as UNDP Zimbabwe representative, Georges van Montfort and the Minister of Arts Sports and Culture, Honorable Kirsty Coventry, the Automated All-purpose Poultry feeder has a bright future.

Donbosco has also been able to develop a 3 in 1 Briquetting Machine for the Choto Team, fellow Youth Connekt beneficiaries, which sprouted from the Bi’pluz team that won the competition in Matebeleland South Province. Part of Delitech’s future plans are to develop more solar-based (low-energy consumption) automated devices like briquetting machines, grinding mills and industrial crushers as well as to expand the solar installation services and employ more young people in Zimbabwe.. 

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What other kind of inventions do you think Delitech Engineering should embark on? How will these change the face of the manufacturing industry in Zimbabwe? 

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