Matabeleland North Finalist: EnviroBiotech Solutions Africa

“The Earth is what we all have in common.”_ Wendell Berry

Waste collection and management are essential public services for every community and are essential for the protection of public health and the environment. One of the aims of the twelfth Sustainable Development Goal is to reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse. 

Sharing a similar vision and love for the earth are the founders of EnviroBiotech Solutions Africa, Reagan Mudziwapasi and Christopher Munyaradzi Changara. Enviro makes biodegradable tree planting bags which boast superior drainage and aeration. The bags are environmentally friendly,  unlike those made from plastic, which release carcinogenic chemicals and take many years to biodegrade. Enviro planting bags help to recycle more than 300 tonnes of waste produced from tobacco packaging annually in Zimbabwe. 

The two founders started the company using personal funds to register the business and a partial investment from Mr. Nyoka, their angel investor. With the support, they were able to acquire a sewing machine and use his 30-tonne truck for their business.

Through their drive and ambition, they have been able to pitch their organization’s main product, the biodegradable planting bags, at a few competitions such as the Youth Connekt Start Up Tour Bus, Green Enterprise and a pitching competition at Oklahoma State University in USA under the YALI program

However, like all start-ups, they have experienced some challenges along the way, such as securing space for a production factory in proximity to the raw materials, that they can easily monitor. The Covid-19 pandemic has also halted their relocation and expansion plans. They had planned to move their production from Harare to Hwange but could not start operations due to lockdown restrictions.

Going forward, they plan to increase their production to cater for the billions of trees planted in the Zimbabwean region before moving into global markets. They also plan to use alternative raw materials.

When asked about their Youth Connekt experience they had this to say, “We encourage people to participate in Youth Connekt. It opens doors, networks and helps market your work.”

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