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“It’s all about convenience. You have remote access to everything” – Kevin Marquess

Tatenda Jakarasi, founder of Munch, very early on in the e-commerce industry in Zimbabwe, embraced this art of convenience. Munch is an app that offers convenience to clients by providing a platform that allows them to view and order from a wide range of restaurants and fast food menus across Zimbabwe. One simply orders for pick-up or delivery with both the mobile and web applications. To top it all off, the seamless payment integrations they host allow for payments using all available payment methods in Zimbabwe, even for those overseas.

This inspiring organization, with a first-mover advantage,  aims to deliver high-quality products to delight the taste buds of all foodies across the country. 

Tatenda’s entrepreneurial journey began straight after high school where he studied Business Studies, Economics, and Geography for his A-levels at St John’s College.

He was blessed with the opportunity to run his parent’s boutique in Lesotho where he fell in love with the art of selling. He returned to Zimbabwe in 2014 with one thing on his mind; to sell, sell sell! He went from selling lingerie to selling outdoor cinema tickets, and with each sale,  his passion for entrepreneurship grew. 

In 2015, he read an article on how Uber was dominating the US market and he started envisioning a similar product for the Zimbabwean market. Munch was born out of the frustration of having to wait in long queues when ordering food or having to physically go to pick up the food.

Munch now offers convenience, delicious meals and simplicity all on one platform. Their plans are to expand to a marketplace for all arrays of food, thus helping link the business to the right customer easily. 

While all appears seamless now, the journey was not easy. One of the biggest obstacles to launch was waiting for the development of the app and seeking out a loan (in an environment that wasn’t very amenable to loans) for additional resources. Tatenda has had to work hard and smart. Facing numerous obstacles including development issues, costs associated with delivery, high interest rates, and operating in an unstable economy has rendered him a resilient magician.

Now with a dedicated team, an IT department and several drivers, the goal is to make Munch the best food app in Africa. 

When asked what advice he would give to his younger self, he had this to say: “Seek advisors to help you avoid common errors, people who you can trust and have in your corner to help. Also, learn your numbers as soon as possible; you need to know what is going on in your business on all sides but especially the numbers. I’ve avoided so many critical errors through that knowledge.”

To get in touch with Munch visit their media pages below:

Website: getmunched.com

Facebook: MunchZimbabwe

Twitter: munchzimbabwe

Instagram: munch_zw

Why do you think convenience in essential services is important? How long do you think it will take Munch to reach their goal of being the best in Africa?  Share your views in the comments section below:

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